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Botox Reviews



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Botox / Wrinkles

I did 10 units around my Forehead and 20 units on brow lift and I Love the results There is no pain at all it’s a very quick procedure And I see a difference within the first week and then after 14 days it looks amazing. It’s safe to say that I love my Botox results, so I have no desire to stop getting Botox. I haven’t had any negative side effects, and I’m no longer self-conscious about my forehead and droopy eyebrows.

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Cost: $250
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Created 1148 days ago

Botox lasts longer than makeup!

Botox / Facial Aging

I've been wearing makeup since I was 16 years old to enhance my beauty. Why else do women use makeup? I started using botox in my early to mid-40s for the same reason. Now in my 50's, Botox, which has been proven to be very safe and is used in many medical procedures, is still my go-to treatment, not just because it has a beauty-enhancing effect on my looks, but because it helps boost my confidence in everyday life. I remember the feeling of my confidence being boosted when I first started using makeup. It's been the same ever since. When my confidence is boosted, I feel better and live better. In this way, I find that using Botox is no different than wearing makeup, and it lasts longer! Highly recommended. In Tampa, my go-to expert injector is Corinn Singletary, and when not available, I use others at Skinspirations, or SKINNV, however, there are many, many options. I suggest making sure your injector is a board-certified, expert trainer with many years of experience.

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Cost: $500
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