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Cervical Spine Changes as I Age

Chiropractic / Neck Pain

I suffered from Neck, Shoulder, and arm pain as a result of cervical degeneration. The shooting pain spread into my shoulder blade and down my arm, to the point where I could not move. After an MRI evaluation, Dr. Long prescribed a treatment program that prevented surgery and offered a full recovery. I continue to see Dr. Long as part of my maintenance therapy, and I can not be more pleased with my results. I highly recommend Dr Long at Long Chiropractic & Rehab Therapy.

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Helped put the curve back in my neck and relieve pain

Chiropractic / Neck Pain

I experienced slight whiplash in a minor car accident that caused me to see a Chiropractor. However, what they found that needed correction was not due to the car accident, but years of sitting slouched in my chair and bending my head down to look at my computer, and smartphone. My neck no longer had its natural curve, which caused stiffness and pain I never realized was due to this issue. After 8 weeks of in-office chiropractic treatments and at-home exercises, I noticed the stiffness and pain were gone, and x-rays revealed that my neck was beginning to regain its curve. I'm lucky. I've learned that this condition if left untreated can cause the neck to fuse in place, rendering it permanently straight which causes many problems. The treatments were very easy and pleasant. I highly recommend seeing a reputable, experienced Chiropractor for stiffness and pain issues in the neck, back, and shoulders. (Included x-ray pics that are samples only, but similar to my own).

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