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As you age, your once full lips can become thinner for several reasons: External:

  • Sun exposure: Overexposure to the sun will cause UV damage to the skin on your lips, just like it does for the rest of your skin tissue.
  • Smoking: This unhealthy habit leads to the development of smoker’s lines due to the lips’ frequent puckering when smoking.
  • Dehydration: Your lips, like your skin, requires moisture to stay plump and full. Regular hydration can resolve this cause.


  • Hormone changes: Changes to your hormone levels can cause physical changes to your body, including thinning of the lips.
  • Genetics: If your parents naturally have thinner lips, then the chances are that you will too.
  • Aging: As you age, collagen and elastin levels decline, contributing to a decrease in overall lip volume.

Short of environmental factors, there is no greater cause of thinning lips than aging. Your lips contain collagen and elastin along with hyaluronic acid. Over the years, these compounds naturally decrease. In addition to the breakdown in skin tissue, your teeth were larger when you were younger. Larger teeth support the lips, keeping them looking full and perky. But over time, enamel decline, regular wear and tear, and other similar reasons cause teeth to become smaller. Fortunately, there are multiple options for making your lips stay plump and look youthful longer. Optimal hydration and a diet rich in protein and vitamin C help keep collagen production as high as possible. When this is not enough, there are numerous moisturizers, lip balms, and safe injectable fillers available to help restore volume to your lips.

Finding an expert is as simple as visiting our online community. With AgeEnvy, valuable information detailing thinning lips as well as qualified providers for this concern is at your fingertips. Keep in mind that your health and safety comes first. That’s why our mission is to give consumers control over their health by getting them connected with providers that are licensed, verified experts focused on thinning lips concerns and treatments.


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