Genetics, weight gain, and the aging process contribute to the development of excess fat in the submental area known as a double chin. Even people that are relatively fit can be subject to having a double chin. What’s more, a double chin can’t be easily hidden by clothes and makeup, contributing to a poor sense of self-consciousness.

Thanks to ongoing studies, researchers developed a new technique called Cryolipolysis, which freezes fat cells away. This technology was developed and perfected by the makers of CoolSculpting, initially designed to treat large areas of the body. The makers of CoolSculpting developed a specially designed applicator to reach difficult areas such as under the chin, behind the knees, and the armpits.

Please continue reading to learn more about the CoolMini, including its history, benefits, potential side effects, and getting started with CoolMini treatments.

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Average: $1,000-$2,000 per treatment session.
Zero downtime.
Individual results will vary.
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 Coolmini History

History of CoolMini

The original CoolSculpting technique was developed by partners Dieter Manstein and Rox Anderson in 2008. This procedure is a non-surgical body contouring treatment that works to freeze fat cells to the point of breakdown. Once dead, the fat cells are metabolized and eliminated from the body.

A desire for an easier means of eliminating small pockets of fat from the body led to the development of the CoolMini. This device is basically a smaller version of the original applicator and is meant to treat smaller parts of the body.

The CoolMini applicator recently gained FDA approval in 2015 for the reduction of double chins and has been noted for its use in other small areas of the body.

 Coolmini Benefits

CoolMini Benefits

In the past, the only way to effectively reduce a double chin included surgical methods such as liposuction or a neck lift.  The non-invasive CoolMini benefits include:

  • No recovery time 
  • Natural looking results
  • Gentle yet effective
  • Eliminates double chin and jowls
  • Reduces fat in other small areas

The CoolMini puts you in charge of the smaller fat reduction desires in your age management plan.

Happy Consumer

I was skeptical at first but had the procedure to reduce my double chin. I noticed a difference after the first two weeks and now after 5 months the changes are very noticeable. I’m satisfied with my results.

David T.
CoolMini Q&A
 Coolmini Getting Started

Getting Started with CoolMini Treatments

Finding an expert is as simple as visiting our online community. At AgeEnvy, valuable information detailing CoolMini treatments, as well as qualified practitioners for this treatment, is at your fingertips. Keep in mind that your health and safety comes first with any treatment. That’s why our mission is to give consumers control over their health by getting them connected with practitioners that are licensed, verified experts focused on CoolMini procedures.

Possible CoolMini Side Effects

Possible treatment side effects include:

  • Redness
  • Bruising
  • Stinging
  • Numbness
  • Muscle cramps
  • Tingling
  • Firmness at treated location
  • Sensitive skin
  • Moderate pain

FAQS About CoolMini

Here you will find answers to our user’s most common questions. Our goal is to keep you easily informed as you research ways to realize your age management potential. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please ask a doctor.

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How much does CoolMini cost?

Your geographic location, starting point, and desired results will influence the total cost of your treatment. However, the average cost of treatment is between $1,000-$2,000 per treatment session.

How many CoolMini treatments will I need?

Most patients will need 2-3 treatments to achieve their best results. This is for two main reasons. The treatment usually freezes 20%-30% of the fat cells in the treated area so if you have a large amount in the treatment area you’ll need more treatments. The other reason is your metabolism since it’s needed to metabolize the dead fat cells.

How long is the recovery time with CoolMini?

No downtime or recovery is needed with this treatment. However, side effects will take time to disappear especially in those prone to bruising and swelling. How fast you recover from side effects and your overall comfort level will determine if you want to take additional time.

How quickly will I see results from CoolMini?

The process is effective, but does take time to fully realize the results. The body has to process and eliminate the dead fat cells in order for results to appear. This process takes an average of 3 months to complete. Individual response to treatment may shorten this timeframe. Consult with your practitioner if you feel like you’re not on track for the results you want.

How long will my CoolMini results last?

Dead fat cells are processed and eliminated from the body. As a result, this type of fat loss is permanent meaning the results are permanent. However, not all fat cells will be eliminated so if you gain weight the remaining fat cells can expand therefore obscuring your results.

Are there other similar options to CoolMini?

CoolSculpting itself is the only specific applicator of cryotherapy but is designed for larger areas. Other procedures like SculpSure use laser energy to accomplish the same objective but is not specially designed for small areas.

CoolMini’s most direct competitor is Kybella, which is an injectable that dissolves the fat thanks to a synthesized chemical from the GI tract. The method of treatment is completely different, but the end result of a lack of double chin is the same.

Other options are more invasive such as liposuction or a neck lift and are generally more costly.