Smile enhancement yields dramatic results on not only your overall appearance but even the slightest improvement can uplift your self-esteem, confidence and have you smiling more than ever! Thanks to modern dentistry advances, cosmetic procedures can range from basic whitening to replacing missing teeth and everything in between.

Let’s face it; if you knew you had a beautiful smile, you’d smile more often. You may be surprised to learn that smiling has health benefits such as reducing stress, reducing blood pressure, reducing pain, boosting immunity, mood, and endurance. Studies have even shown that when people smile, they appear more competent, likable, courteous, and tend to be more productive at work! However, the condition of your teeth can significantly impact your potential to smile, speak, laugh, and live your best life.

Aesthetically poor teeth can dramatically enhance the appearance of aging, even in younger people. Contrastly, cosmetic dentistry can dramatically improve the appearance of aging!

There are many non-surgical options available for enhancing the appearance of your teeth, including:

  • Whitening to brighten teeth
  • Braces to straighten teeth (invisible, clear, behind the teeth, in front, and more)
  • White fillings to replace old silver (amalgam) fillings
  • Veneers to recreate, reshape or fill gaps between teeth
  • Bridges to fill gaps between teeth
  • Bonding to fill chips and cracks
  • Botox to correct a gummy smile
  • And more

Outpatient surgical options include dental implants to replace current or lost teeth completely and permanently.

100% of people “Like” Cosmetic Dentistry treatments.
$250-$8500 or more depending on type and number of teeth. Insurance may be eligible.
Downtime depends on the type, but typically requires none.
With the exception of braces results are immediate.
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History of Cosmetic Dentistry

History of Cosmetic Dentistry

The quest for making a beautiful smile full of gorgeous teeth goes way back to 700 B.C.! From the time of the Etruscans to ancient Rome and Medieval times, people sought to beautify and improve the health of their teeth. They used materials including bone, ivory, gold, and even teeth from deceased animals and humans! Pumice stone and vinegar, as well as their own urine, was used to remove stains. Luckily for us, methods have evolved since then.

Starting in the 1700s, porcelain was used for dentures. In the 1800s, the industry began to place metals in the sockets of missing teeth. However, these metals were naturally rejected by the body. Nonetheless, porcelain became very popular, and dentists started creating plaster molds to ensure the dentures fit.

Today’s techniques include FDA approved dental devices and products used in improving the health and appearance of teeth. Be sure to check with your provider whether the FDA regulates the device or product they use in treating your cosmetic dental concerns.

Cosmetic Dentistry Benefits

Cosmetic Dentistry Benefits

The benefits of cosmetic dentistry address and go beyond beautifying the surface:

  • Improved smile
  • Improved attractiveness
  • Improved confidence
  • Improved self esteem
  • Restored perception of youth
  • Better mood
  • Better bite
  • Stronger teeth
  • Whiter teeth
  • Straighter teeth
  • Better hygiene because you’ll want to take better care of your new beautiful teeth



Happy Consumer

I had braces put on in my mid 40’s to correct a buck-toothed smile, and had them whitened after the braces were removed 18 months later. I get so many compliments on my teeth! It changed not only my smile but my life! My level of confidence increased tremendously. I smile more, I laugh more, I talk more, and I love to take pictures! My husband is more attracted to me, heck, I’m more attracted to me! Totally worth the price and the wait.

Brandee N.
Cosmetic Dentisry Q&A
Getting Started with Cosmetic Dentistry

Getting Started with Cosmetic Dentistry

Finding an expert is as simple as visiting our online community. With AgeEnvy, valuable information detailing cosmetic dentistry treatments, as well as qualified providers, are at your fingertips. Keep in mind that your health and safety comes first with any treatment. That’s why our mission is to give consumers control over their health by getting them connected with providers that are licensed, verified experts focused on cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Possible Cosmetic Dentistry Side Effects

Side effects are a possibility with any treatment. While rare, it’s important to understand what might happen depending on the treatment you choose. Side effects vary:

  • Unexpected or unwanted result
  • Chipped or cracked tooth or product
  • Possibility of cosmetic product coming loose or breaking off
  • Jaw pain or tightness
  • Uneven bite
  • Tooth discoloration


The real danger exists in cometic dentistry being applied improperly. Only a certified medical cosmetic dentistry provider can legally perform cosmetic dentistry. Be sure to find a qualified, experienced provider to treat your cosmetic dental concerns.

FAQS ABOUT Cosmetic Dentisry

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How much does Cosmetic Dentistry cost?

The cost will vary greatly based on what treatment you get and where you get it. The good news is that some dental insurance companies cover some of the costs of dental treatments that fall into the cosmetic category such as braces, bridges, crowns, fillings and more. Check with your provider and your insurance company to know what they cover. On average, cosmetic dentistry can cost between $250-$8500 or greater.

How many Cosmetic Dentistry treatments will I need?

This largely depends on the treatment you choose. For example, if you get braces, your dentist will determine how long you need to wear them, and how often you need to get them adjusted. In contrast, if you want to have your teeth whitened, it’s typically done in one office visit with maintenance done at home. If you get Veneers, you’ll typically need to see the dentist for a consultation, then a measurement session and temporary veneer session, then a final fitting session. Check with your provider to understand how many treatments or visits you’ll need to complete the treatment of your choice.

How long is the recovery time with Cosmetic Dentistry treatments?

This largely depends on the treatment you choose. For example, if you replace amalgam fillings with white composite, there is no down time, but you may feel sore for a few days. If you whiten your teeth, they may feel sensitive for a few days. With braces, you may feel sore for a week after each adjustment, hindering your ability to chew.  Check with your provider to understand the recovery you should expect associated with the treatment of your choice.

How quickly will I see results from Cosmetic Dentistry treatments?

How quickly you’ll see results depends on the treatment you choose. In most cases, results will be experienced immediately after treatment. However, if you choose Botox to correct a gummy smile, you’ll see results within 2 weeks, and, will need to repeat the treatment to maintain your results every 3 to 4 months. If you choose braces, you’ll see the full results when they are permanently removed. If you choose implantation, you’ll see results immediately after the prosthetic tooth is implanted.

How long will my Cosmetic Dentistry treatments last?

How long your treatment lasts depends on the treatment you choose. Some treatments can last nearly a lifetime, such as composite fillings. Some treatments will last many years and longer with proper maintenance such as straightening with braces. Implantation is permanent, and Botox for gummy smile is temporary.  Check with your provider to understand how long you should expect your treatment to last.

Are there other similar options to Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentistry includes many options within its category, such as those included above and others not named. Cosmetic Dentistry is most closely related to Aesthetic Medicine. For example, removing age spots from the skin is similar to whitening teeth to remove stains from teeth.