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Unlocked my food code and more!

Dna Testing

I had DNA testing done in order to understand my genetic code associated with diet, nutrition, and exercise. The results are among the most valuable investments I've ever made on my health journey. I learned how my body responds to food, what type of diet, exercise, and nutrition works best for me, what I need to avoid, and what I need to optimize. I even learned that my DNA is prone to having a higher risk of high LDL. I found the profile fit me perfectly. Everything it said about me is true, and works when I put it to practice! The particular provider I saw back then in 2016 is no longer in business, and I did not have a good experience with them to recommend beyond the results of this testing, which was produced by a company called Pathway Genomics, likely available through most diet and weight loss providers. I added images from my report to give an example.

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