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Gagandeep Rahi M.D.
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Dr. Rahi has a clinic in Beverly Hills that has changed life physically and emotionally. She is a known name in aesthetics, integrative and anti-aging medicine in Beverly Hills, CA, and SoHo, NY. Her experience and the number of successful cases precede her image. She has the reputation of an innovator whose mission is to build perfect solutions that carry both cosmetic rejuvenation and inner health.

Dr. Rahi
  • 9615 Brighton Way #333, California, Beverly Hills 90210
  • 3104077488

Dr. Rahi prefers to have a holistic and integrative approach when treating her patients. At her clinic, she doesn’t want to apply a quick fix that won’t last. She wants to provide you with the utmost integral approaches to anti-aging and beauty that make you look better on the outside and help solve underlying issues, so the effects are long-lasting and result in your optimal physical beauty and health. Her treatment techniques involve much more than just medicine. Nutritional food maps, tips, and exercises for stress reduction, sleep therapy, hormone replacement therapy, and supplements are just some ways Dr. Rahi offers care for her patients to achieve optimal health and be their best selves. Her patients have long-lasting results from state-of-the-art treatments for well-being, facial rejuvenation, anti-aging, and more through this approach. For Dr. Rahi, the patient’s health and satisfaction come first. She prioritizes patient experience by remaining at each client’s side through every step of the treatment. Her effort ensures that you receive customized treatment for your optimum health and happiness.


Sculptra for the Temples

Published on Aug 1, 2021

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