Glutathione is made up of amino acids and is classified as an antioxidant responsible for preventing oxidative damage, improving skin health, and assists with the immune system. While Glutathione is naturally produced in the body, several factors can inhibit its production.

A weakened immune system, cell mutations, stress, poor diet, and aging contribute to Glutathione’s low levels. While aging is inevitable and can’t be stopped, Glutathione injections can boost your body’s storage of this powerful antioxidant, which has been noted for its anti-aging potential.

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 Glutathione History

History of Glutathione

Glutathione was discovered in 1888 by J. DeRey-Pailhade and Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins. Their discovery of this molecule was deemed significantly important as it was considered tied to the origin of life. Despite its importance as a treatment, Glutathione was unavailable due to the subtleties in how it’s synthesized within the body.

Dr. Albert Crum identified the need to center Glutathione treatments around the use of L-Cysteine due to its instability and oxidizability when entering the body. He designed the L-cystine shuttle system to transport the molecule beyond the cell wall so that Glutathione can be synthesized. The use of this molecule for treatment is not currently FDA approved. However, Glutathione is classified as “regarded as safe” by the FDA, making it a viable and safe treatment option.

 Glutathione Benefits

Glutathione Benefits

There are numerous benefits noted by patients and researchers. However, the main benefit of Glutathione is improved function within every system of the body.

Additional benefits include:

  • Free radical elimination
  • Increased longevity
  • Improved skin
  • Reduced cell damage in liver disease
  • Cancer progression prevention
  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • Control inflammation

Ongoing research is needed to determine the full extent and benefits that Glutathione brings to various immune and neurological conditions.

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Glutathione has done more for my skin complexion than any topical treatment ever has!

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Glutathione Q&A
 Glutathione Getting Started

Getting Started with Glutathione Treatments

Finding an expert is as simple as visiting our online community. At AgeEnvy, valuable information detailing Glutathione treatments, as well as qualified practitioners for this treatment, is at your fingertips. Keep in mind that your health and safety comes first with any treatment. That’s why our mission is to give consumers control over their health by getting them connected with practitioners that are licensed, verified experts focused on Glutathione procedures.

Possible Glutathione Side Effects

Possible treatment side effects include:

  • Abdominal cramps
  • Bloating
  • Flatulence and loose stools
  • Allergic reactions

FAQS About Glutathione

Here you will find answers to our user’s most common questions. Our goal is to keep you easily informed as you research ways to realize your age management potential. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please ask a doctor.

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How much does Glutathione cost?

The total cost is dependent on your geography and chosen practitioner along with your starting point and desired results. That being said, the average cost is between $200-$400 per treatment session.

How many Glutathione treatments will I need?

Ongoing studies are needed to determine the exact number of treatments needed. This is in large part due to ongoing research to be fully understood and also being applicable to a range of concerns. The more concerns that Glutathione can treat, the less the number of treatments can be determined. Your practitioner will consider your age, medical history, and gender among other factors to determine a treatment regimen.

How long is the recovery time with Glutathione?

There is no such thing as recovery associated with this treatment. Glutathione already exists naturally within the body and boosts your body’s systems. If side effects are experienced, then the dosage level may be adjusted. Consult with your practitioner if you have any concerns during treatment.

How quickly will I see results from Glutathione?

The response time depends on what concern is being addressed or treated. Most conditions addressed are internal in nature so they may not be physically apparent for some time. Your individual response and overall condition will determine your results more than anything.

How long will my Glutathione results last?

Results will last as long as you maintain treatment until the treatment itself is over. Once you have corrected your concerns the treatment becomes largely unnecessary. Keep in mind that while Glutathione sources can be found naturally, your natural levels will steadily decline as you age.

Are there other similar options to Glutathione?

Yes there are similar options such as IV Nutrient therapy and MIC injections which are designed to introduce vitamins, nutrients, and other solutions into the body to promote improved healing and regeneration. Keep in mind that the treatment chosen needs to be tailored to the problem or concern you want to address. For overall immune system improvement and bodily function, Glutathione is your best solution out of these.