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No noticeable changes with this treatment, bad diagnosis.

Nature Throid / Hypothyroidism

A couple of years back I had lab work done through Tampa Rejuvenation to measure my hormones to gauge internal wellness, and potentially address why I was experiencing fatigue, poor skin complexion, some weight gain, and low libido. My lab work came back with a very low level of testosterone, and what the medical director said was some hypothyroidism, meaning I was not producing enough thyroid hormone. I had never encountered problems with my thyroid in my life at that point, so I was very surprised. I was prescribed Nature Throid (brand example image included) with zero results over approx 8 months. That was 1.5 years ago. I recently had lab work done through a different provider for the same symptoms. My thyroid count was not a cause of concern at all. I don't believe I received the correct diagnosis the first time, and am relieved that Nature Throid caused no harm. It probably works when it's really needed, but always get a second or third opinion!

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