Peptide Therapy for Anti Aging
September 1, 2020

As we age, our bodies begin to slow down, and the way bodily processes work starts to change. We usually show signs of aging in noticeable areas, like on our skin, face, and with the changing colors of our hair. 

Anti-aging treatments can not only improve the cosmetic appeal and the structure of the skin, but it can also target improved bodily function to stop the effects of aging at the core. 

Peptide therapy is an anti-aging treatment that attempts to improve the appearance of skin by making up for the natural loss of peptides. Peptides are chains of amino acids naturally produced in the body; however, our body produces fewer peptides over time. 

Peptide therapy intuitively replenishes our body’s stores of peptides to provide anti-aging benefits!

Peptides and Their Importance in Aging

Peptides are amino acids that are naturally produced in the body. Peptides are stimulated by the human growth hormone. However, by age 30, our body’s ability to produce growth hormone decreases by around 1% every year. Since our bodies produce fewer growth hormones, it is stimulating fewer peptides. This is where signs of aging start to show up. 

Peptides are in control of much of our body’s hormone production, mood changes, and cell signaling. Largely, they act like neurotransmitters and control the ways that our bodies react to diet and exercise. 

There are thousands of different peptides that our body produces and even more than can be injected or ingested. Insulin, for example, is a peptide, and there are over 60 peptides approved for injection through the FDA. Therefore, when we talk about peptides for aging, we are specifically talking about the peptides that encourage human growth hormone. 

Benefits of Peptide Therapy for Anti Aging

Peptide therapy is not simply about looking younger in the skin or face. Because peptide therapy addresses your body’s ability to provide new cell growth, by taking peptide therapy you will look and feel younger overall. 

Peptide therapy provides these distinct benefits: 

  • Increased growth of new muscle cells and lean muscle growth (i.e., get stronger and build muscle)
  • Reduced fat (related to increased muscle growth) due to fat breakdown (or lipolysis)
  • Improved energy, workouts, and recovery
  • Improved muscle mass, definition, and endurance
  • Accelerated healing (i.e., injuries, illness, or surgery)
  • Stronger immune system
  • Improved sexual function and libido
  • Reduce gastrointestinal inflammation
  • Reduced musculoskeletal inflammation
  • Better hormonal regulation
  • Improved ability to tan (due to reduced skin cell replenishment)
  • And of course, increased growth hormone production

Declines in growth hormone production have been linked to aging and a decline in the items listed above. For children, growth hormones are accelerated. However, by middle age, the pituitary gland slows down and releases fewer growth hormones each year. 

How Peptide Therapy Works

There are a few ways that peptide therapy can be taken. Oral peptides can be ingested; however, they may be more susceptible to break down in the stomach. Injectable peptides will allow peptide cells to reach the bloodstream faster. 

Patients might be administered a cocktail of peptides. Some common peptides that target growth hormones include Sermorelin, ipamorelin, CJC-1295, GHRP2, and GHRP6. Sermorelin is probably the most common peptide used because it is more affordable and still offers benefits similar to human growth hormone (HGH) injections but in safer dosages. 

HGH produced naturally or injected stimulates insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), which leads to higher levels of metabolism and allows your body to lose weight (and use up the body’s injected and stored energy) faster. This is primarily why overall physique changes occur. The body is able to work more efficiently as if it were younger and, in turn, it is able to circulate hormones and blood faster so the body looks younger and healthier. 

What To Expect in Peptide Therapy

Since this therapy does more than just target cosmetic effects, patients that use peptides experience a more comprehensive anti-aging therapy. 

Patients injected with Sermorelin, for example, are likely to lose weight (especially when combined with exercise), build lean muscle mass faster, and burn fat more efficiently. These peptides can also improve sleep quality and recovery during sleep, as well as enhance muscle recovery, improve stamina, and make the skin appear firmer and tighter. 

Patients usually experience muscle fullness all around, feel younger and more youthful, and live a more youthful lifestyle. 

Peptide therapy is relatively quick and painless and is usually administered on your own or with a significant other. If administered by injection, the therapy will need to be taken once daily prior to bed to mimic the release of HGH in younger people. Initially, injections may be needed every day. Work with your doctor to establish a prescription as dosages can be reduced over time. 

Results show up after a few weeks of continued use. You’ll notice signs of improved sleep and more energy first, as well as fuller musculature and quicker recovery times. 

Peptide Therapy for Comprehensive Anti-Aging Therapy

When we think about anti-aging treatments, we can recognize that different anti-aging therapy targets different parts of the body. If we are concerned over wrinkles in the face, we might consult a physician and get prescription anti-wrinkle cream, for example. Facial injectables, chemical peels, and other cosmetic anti-aging therapies might target the most obvious signs of aging. 

Peptide therapy is considered to be one of the best forms of anti-aging therapy because it targets one of the root sources of aging. Since peptide therapy stimulates HGH production, it is not as dangerous as injecting yourself with pure HGH. 

Peptide therapy lasts longer and targets the production of HGH, which will improve the body’s overall look and feel. This is far different than using wrinkle creams, injectables, or other types of cosmetic, anti-aging skin therapies that aim to mask the skin condition. Instead, this therapy treats the components of aging below the surface to improve your overall health and outer appearance.