Restylane Silk, like other dermal fillers in the Restylane family of fillers, is composed of a hyaluronic acid-base. The filler is meant to improve lip volume and fullness along with smoothing the wrinkles around the mouth. While early Restalyne fillers were the most commonly used for restoring volume to the lips, it’s makers desired to provide a solution made strictly for lips and succeeded with Restylane Silk.

Restylane Silk boasts smaller, smoother hyaluronic acid particles wrapped in a silky gel to deliver softer, smoother, and more natural results. In addition to this filler’s normal makeup, it includes a bit of lidocaine to minimize pain at the injection site.

Patients have noted that their lips are fuller while feeling soft and elastic, making for a more natural youthful appearance around their mouth. Until dermal fillers like Restylane Silk, looking younger, has never been so easy.

98% “Like” Restylane Silk.
$350-$800 average cost.
Zero downtime.
Individual results will vary.
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 Restylane Silk History

History of Restylane Silk

Over the years, the makers of Restylane sought to improve their product offerings by providing solutions tailored to specific needs. This desire led to the development of Restylane Silk. The FDA approved the filler in 2014 for lip augmentation and perioral wrinkle correction for patients over 21.

The Restylane family of dermal fillers is the product of Q-Med, a division of the Galderma company. Q-Med has recorded over 20 million Restylane treatments globally since the product was first developed.

Starting in the mid-90s, Restylane was first used in Europe. The United States formally granted FDA approval for the use of Restylane in aesthetic medicine in 2004. Since its inception, the Restylane line of products has been used in 70 other countries.

 Restylane Silk Benefits

Restylane Silk Benefits

The main benefit of Restylane Silk is added volume to the lips. Whether you have naturally thin lips or your lips have thinned due to aging, you can expect plump and full lips with Restylane Silk.

Specific benefits of Restylane Silk include:

  • Perioral line correction
  • Add fullness to thinning lips
  • Restore lip volume
  • Smooth and silky lips
  • Natural-looking appearance
  • Lip asymmetry correction

Happy Consumer

I began to notice my lips were getting thin over the years when looking at recent pictures of my smile. I could see more teeth and less lips! Thanks to Restylane Silk, my lips are back and youthful again!

Laura K.
Restylane Silk Q&A
 Restylane Silk Getting Started

Getting Started with Restylane Silk

Finding an expert is as simple as visiting our online community. With AgeEnvy, valuable information detailing Restylane Silk treatments, as well as qualified providers for this treatment, is at your fingertips. Keep in mind that your health and safety comes first with any treatment. That’s why our mission is to give consumers control over their health by getting them connected with providers that are licensed, verified experts focused on Restylane Silk procedures.

Possible Restylane Silk Side Effects

Possible treatment side effects include:

  • Lip swelling and/or pain
  • Bruising
  • Tenderness
  • Itching
  • Burning sensation
  • Headache

FAQS About Restylane Silk

Here you will find answers to our user’s most common questions. Our goal is to keep you easily informed as you research ways to realize your age management potential. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please ask a doctor.

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How much does Restylane Silk cost?

The average cost of Restylane Silk is between $350-$800 per syringe. Geographic location and your chosen practitioner will influence the price per syringe. The total cost will be dependent on your starting point, desired results and number of syringes needed for treatment. The treatment is not covered by insurance if for purely cosmetic reasons so check with your practitioner about payment or financing options.

How many Restylane Silk treatments will I need?

The number of initial treatments needed will depend on how close to your goal you are and your individual response to treatment. Most patients need 1-2 sessions to get the results they want. Consult with your practitioner to determine the proper treatment plan for your needs.

How long is the recovery time with Restylane Silk?

Immediately after your treatment session you can resume everyday activities. If you experience side effects like pain or bruising you may want additional time depending on your tolerance. However, it is important that direct sunlight, heat, and exercise are avoided for up to a week to ensure your results are not impeded.

How quickly will I see results from Restylane Silk?

Patients notice results immediately after treatment. However, it will take about three days for the full results to show. Keep in mind that any swelling or bruising will obscure the results and need to heal as a result.

How long will my Restylane Silk results last?

Most patients experience results that last for about six months. Some will experience results that last for a shorter or longer period of time. This variation is dependent on your response to treatment and degree of correction needed. Consult with your practitioner regarding a maintenance regimen that can help you maintain your results.

Are there other similar options to Restylane Silk?

There are other lines of Restylane that can be used, but may not be as effective on the lips. In addition, there are other fillers that use hyaluronic acid as a base which include Juvederm, Belotero, and Perlane. Some patients choose to pursue Botox, fat filler, or PRP injections as well.