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Testosterone is changing my life!

Testosterone Therapy Women / Chronic Fatigue

Not only had I noticed chronic fatigue, but also increased body fat, decreased muscle, and lack of sex drive over the last few years. I'm also a longtime asthmatic and will get to why that's relevant later in this review. I recently had my blood tested for hormone imbalances as the potential cause of my symptoms. Years before I'd seen another age rejuvenation provider in Tampa with unsatisfactory results after trying 3 different methods of applying the therapy, so I was skeptical. Nevertheless, my testosterone was still off the chart low for a woman my age, even though my estrogen and progesterone levels were right where they should be. This time the new doctor prescribed testosterone cream without other hormones mixed in, applied daily. My life has changed since this new therapy, and my asthma has even improved! I noticed less wheezing after the first few days and studied the connection between testosterone and asthma and found it affects more women than men because men have higher T!

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