AgeEnvy is a destination for people to learn about various treatment options, share their personal experiences, and connect with local providers.

AgeEnvy provides unbiased information about procedures and the medical professionals who perform them.

  • Visitors research procedures and connect with verified providers.
  • We offer a platform to board-certified doctors and healthcare professionals to showcase their testimonials and credentials.
  • We help users make informed decisions with access to before and after photos, video testimonials, and transparent insight medical experts. Attached is the marketing plan and brand guidelines.

AgeEnvy focuses solely on Non-Surgical treatments that address aesthetic, regenerative, integrative, and functional aging concerns.

Our Principles

Empower Our Users

We are empowering our users to redefine the unwanted effects of aging. Our mission is to provide unbiased content that is informative and goal-oriented. We believe empowering people to take control of their aging process is crucial in achieving optimal health and wellness. We’re committed to providing the resources needed to make this happen.

Stay True to Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most trusted age management community, leveraging technology and transparency to provide unbiased insights into various treatment options. We will be the “go-to” source for answers to questions about aesthetic, regenerative, integrative, and functional medicine, helping people make an informed decision when initiating a new patient-physician relationship.

Create Value

Creating value isn’t just about providing excellent service or valuable information; it’s about giving our audience a strategic advantage. By understanding the needs of our users and providing solutions that inspire them, we create lasting relationships that benefit all parties.

Establish a High Level of Trust and Confidence

We transform our directory into a one-stop shop to earn our trust, meaning accurate data, care experience transparency, and modern conveniences like digital appointment scheduling. That kind of convenience builds trust and strengthens the new patient-physician relationship.

Our Team

Ralph Smith

Founder | President

Brandee Nielsen

Co-Founder | Program Director Emeritus

Wes Rock

Chief Strategist

Alex Martinez

Account Executive

Bianca Daboin

Sr. Account Manager

Renee Avila

Sr. Project Manager

Karen Rodriguez

Social Media Manager

Carmen Pacheco

Creative Director

Imer Pacheco

Director of UI/UX

Our Global User Community

Users in 80+ cities worldwide Across North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific

21 data centers globally Supported by 100% renewable energy

Headquarters 400 N Ashley Drive, Suite 1900-E Tampa, Florida 33602

Read What Industry Leaders are Saying:

“AgeEnvy as a new startup company is unlike any other. First, their website is clear and concise, making it very user-friendly. I have been a practicing physician for over 20 years, and this website promotes physician attributes that can be shared with patients and allows physicians and providers to speak directly with their patients through educational forums and informative articles. They have helped me build trust and confidence with my patients outside of an exam room. I look forward to building my practice further with AgeEnvy through the years. They act as the perfect conduit between patients and the specific provider that a patient most desires.”

Dr. Allen Sillanee – MD, FACOG

“As a sophisticated digital executive, Smith used advancements in technology to uniquely gain market share and revenues, becoming the capstone for best in class marketing highlighted by Google.”

Marty Bryant – Senior Executive, Google

“Smith handled our digital marketing and transitioned our business model to 95% internal lead generation, and the lead quality evolved to being the highest in the industry!”

John Steerman – Executive Vice President, Autoweb

“Ralph is an organized, professional, and critical-thinking exec who isn’t afraid to ask tough questions driven by seeking to understand. He blends big picture strategic thinking with tactical know-how.“

Dan Siegler – Head of Industry, Google